Gastronomic offer

Cold entrees

A balanced selection with the best flavors of Mexican cuisine, among which we highlight:

– Siberian Sturgeon Caviar “Polanco” Reserve.

– Kampachi tiradito, creamy avocado, radish, pickled xcatic chili and black recado mayonnaise.

– Salmon trout, beet root, wasabi, cucumber and jalapeno foam.

ArtBeach Dic -10

Hot Entrees

A wide selection of dishes among which our Totoaba Taco, octopus or vegetarian as well as the Sud Vide Rib Eye Tlayuda, Pork Belly and String Cheese.

Main Course

Totoaba with green beans, sud vide striped sea bass or australian wagyu burger grilled among others.


Charcoal oven

The flavor of a food prepared in a charcoal oven is totally unmistakable. They are never so juicy and so appetizing on the palate as with this preparation.

We highlight our meats of the highest quality and whole fish.

Art Beach 21 Oct-29

Side Dishes

Side Dishes to combine with the main dishes according to your tastes.


Exquisite desserts with a selection of the most outstanding flavors and suitable for all tastes, among which we highlight:

– Lemon ice cream, chocolate crumble, touch of basil and pea pod.

– Yogurt panacotta, passion fruit and lemon.

– Mascarpone cream, vanilla, cocoa and salted caramel.