Art Collection

Temporary exhibition

Peter Terrin

Art has always been part of Peter’s being. There were no decisive moments that determined the course of his life. His need to paint has always been as vital as breathing and eating, providing the necessary fuel for the mind and soul.

His passion for people was reinforced for years after graduating from the School of Textile Design in Belgium. Peter utilizes his unique, ever-evolving style, capturing emotion, mood and feelings through pallet knives and acrylic paint on large scale canvas. His technique is a mixture of the painters who have influenced him, including Jackson Pollock, and even street art. He calls it modern impressionism.

His new work “So many Likes, so little love” is the reflection of a society stuck in appearances and in the desire to have the life that we teach in social networks with an incredible selection of thirteen large-scale paintings full of color and technique that can be seen in Tulum until next March 15.

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